Sometimes we are Waiting out Hail Storms

Since we “chase” hail, sometimes we are also avoiding hail.  We are under a gas station cover since we just upgraded to a more spacious vehicle and really don’t want to be hailed on now.  We didn’t want to be typical hail guys with a big truck and camper.  

Funny how some of us are always avoiding being typical.  Here is the thing, we practically live in our vehicle and this is going to pull our camper so much easier than our Xterra and get better mileage.  All I have to say is, aaaaaah!  Typical, I will take some of it.  We are sticking to our 17 foot trailer for another year or two though.

After living in a tear drop for a year ( ) this trailer is pure luxury.  Note to future trailer owners the axle is not really big enough and we have put a bigger axle on after only 2 months of travel. The Winnebago Winnie Drop 170S (our home):


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