Exercise and Travel

It seems like the best way to ensure exercise is to have a routine. I know that to be partially true and that is where I want to laugh and cry at the same time.  I would love a routine, but I love that I don’t have one too.  It is part of our super cool experience.  However, there are so many changing factors when you travel for a living that exercise has to take on new and simplified forms

Today, I had an early flight, so I only did a 2 mile run on the treadmill in the hotel’s dingy yellow workout room. The cool part; I still felt great after my little workout.  I mean a trail would have been so nice, but the high, the mood boost and energy boost are still there.

Then in the airport I had a brisk walk through the terminal.  I don’t go too fast because it just isn’t appropriate to mow over innocent travelers or work up a sweat before getting on a flight.  A little tiny bit of exercise, even 15 minutes, makes my flight time more intellectually productive and helps me avoid unhealthy snacks.  Oh yes, and more energy again!

Besides walking, I have learned a few exercises that I am comfortable doing in a semi-vacant corner of the terminal.

1. Lateral arm curls with my bag, just lifting until my hand is even with my elbow.  It makes it more subtle than say, overhead presses.

2. Raising on to my toes and lowering.  You can wear out your calf muscles doing this.

3. Finding a wall and sitting against it creating a chair.

4.  And stretching.  Side bends, calf stretches, ham string stretches.

One doesn’t have to work up a sweat, block out time or change into technical gear to reap the benefits of movement.

Any other suggestions to add to my airport routine?


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