Slick Rock Trail, Moab, Utah

I biked Moab!! I did!  I really biked Moab and you can too!  It was far better than I dreamed and I’ve dreamt of biking Moab for at least ten years.  I used to read about Moab in biking magazines and it was on my list.  High on my list, but first I needed to become a technical rider.  From what I had read it was for serious bikers, technical, experienced bikers.

I don’t deny that it was challenging and exhausting (it felt like a lot more than a regular 10 mile bike ride).  I definitely think a person should be prepared for this undertaking, but you can do it.  I pushed my bike up some mean hills. This trail took all of my strength and ability. It was a long ride and it was hot even in February.  I didn’t bike it with the finesse of the experts, but I biked it.

As you can see, this was the summation of my thoughts at the end of the day.  Why didn’t I do this sooner?  It was beautiful!  It was a biker’s dream!  It was a non-expert biker’s dream too.  Smooth rock trails, technical spots to challenge myself, scenary as far as you can see. It was so clear that I hadn’t done this sooner because I thought that only experts could do Slick Rock Trail or anything at Moab.

This day finesse did not matter to me, nor did speed. What I did was enough. Of course, now that I have a taste, I want to go back and fly through some of those dips that were a little too scary the first time, and weave around the corners. It would be so fun to ride and reride that trail and try some new ones too.  Maybe Moab will turn me into a technical rider.


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