Monument Valley, Utah

That is Meeka admiring the sunrise at Monument Valley.  It is the collar on her coat you see in the silhouette.  She looks like a tough dog but she is a baby.  She used to live in Arizona and she was an inside dog to boot.  Monument Valley was wonderful in the offseason.  We arrived late, parked and slept then walked along the dirt road that winds through the monuments.

Trail:  You can go as far as you want.

Sights: The serenity of the landscape on a windy day.

Number of people:  Early in the morning we had the dirt road to ourselves, but as the day progressed there was more traffic and tour jeeps kicking up the dirt.

Quote of the day:  “It is just like the movies, but you have to feel the size of it.”

Dog’s perspective:  Can’t I chase the lizards?  Please?!


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