How to be a good running partner; Lessons from my Doberman

  1. If your friends mention a run, show complete support. Let them know in no uncertain terms that you would be happy to join. Grab your shoes and wait by the front door.  In fact if someone mentions a run become completely focused on that outcome.
  2. Be open to whatever distance your partner has planned to run. We will introduce different methods to adjust to the speed and distance your partner chooses.
  3. Always, always stay within 25 feet of your running partner.
  4. However, don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm for the run by racing around exuberantly, following butterflies and sniffing the air.  Then refer back to rule #3.
  5. As your partner tires, stay closer for moral support.
  6. Always try to stay ahead of your partner or at least even with them, this will actually encourage your partner to speed up.  They will be thankful in the end.  While you are ahead of your running partner, stop and check the bushes and rocks for unseen threats.
  7. In the unusual circumstance that you should become tired on a long run, step in front of your partner and set a new pace.  They will get the idea
  8. After a good long run, show your affection and gratefulness, gobble your food and take a leisurely nap in the sun.
  9. The most important part of your job comes on days that your running partner doesn’t go for a run.  At the end of such a day, let them know how dissappointed you are.  Whining outside their door may be necessary to get the point across.  This really helps them because they are less likely to miss very often when you apply these tactics.

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