W Cherry Creek Rd, Camp Verde, Arizona

A steep winding old dirt road with almost no traffic is a perfect fit for three high energy dogs, 2 Weimaraners and a Doberman, three people and three bikes.  As we climbed, the sky and desert mountains put on a show for us.  With the wide road we could bike, chat and watch the dogs tear around.

Trail head: Highway 260 NW of town to W Cherry Creek Road. Park anywhere from Grief Hill trail head to a cut-out farther up if you want a shorter ride with higher views.

Number of people: 1 car and 1 atv which were moving quickly, so be careful on the corners and keep your ears tuned.

Sights: A few cows, 180 degree views of the Verde Valley, a cloud enhanced sunset.

Dog’s perspective:  I raced those other two dogs all day.  I bet we ran 10 miles.  I beat both of them most of the time, but that Wiley beat me on the last stretch, but I just love running it makes me happy.



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