Jogging is the sweet spot, Cemetery Road, Boyd Texas

Jogging is the sweet spot.  The word jogging has taken a bad rap.  However, about the time I was jogging through this beautiful curve, I realized that I was jogging and how wonderful jogging is.  I say jogging because I cannot say I was running and I definitely wasn’t walking.  For me jogging is about 10 minute miles.  Running is more advanced it includes breathing hard, pushing yourself, intervals, sprints planning and training.

At this pace I’m admiring the scenery, talking to myself, not real sure how far I will go and just feeling good.  I could go 2 miles or 20 at this pace and about ten would probably feel pretty good.

The beauty of jogging comes from the complete abscense of competition.  Even the kind of competition that is “I’m competing with myself”.  Self-improvement, competition and endorphins are all fun, but Forest Gump was jogging.  Jogging is the healing, happy place the reason we like the running, and the give-it-your-all days.

Jogging occurs when we aren’t training for anything, trying to improve upon anything, or have a goal.  It starts with thinking, “I’ll put my shoes on, take some water and a GPS and head out the door.”


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