Airport Loop Trail, Sedona, Arizona



This trail is literally in Sedona, Arizona.  In fact the airport sits on a hill above town and this loop wraps around the hill just below the airport.  Sedona has become a bustling little tourist town, but this trail feels like a different place.

Sights:  The little town of Sedona looks to be quietly tucked between the trees with the red rock formations standing sentinel overhead.  Most of the trail including the part of the trail opposite the town presents the hiker with views of more bulbous rock formations separated by valleys of desert greenery. The Vortex is  a beautiful overlook that some people believe has special powers and energy.

Number of hikers: Only two people on the airport loop, but a lot of people at The Vortex overlook and a few on the Tabletop trail connecting the airport parking lot with the airport loop.  A lot fewer people at 8:30 than 10:30.  Tour buses drop people off at the scenic overlook across from the airport.

Directions:  Go to the airport parking right across from the view point.  There is parking right next to the trail but it is on the hill and to back out you back onto the busy airport road.  It is best to go to the top where there is a lot of parking and then hike the half mile down to The Vortex.  Take a gander and then continue to the tranquility of the Airport Loop.

The dog’s perspective:  I met a nice dog.  I smelled around and I drank a lot of water.  I just love hikes.

Cost: Free





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