Red Oak Canyon, Sedona, Arizona

A 10 mile hike near Sedona Arizona that is different from the other Sedona hikes.  It is quieter, there are very few people on this trail and it follows a canyon.  The first few miles have red rock liked other areas, but then the trail follows the river through a canyon.  Parts of the trail have a lot of sun and other parts are shaded and cool.

I added two miles to the hike because just after the parking lot I got off on some cow trail that follows a stream.  You don’t follow the river until you are up in the canyon.  The correct trail has a gate followed by a warning sign within a mile of the parking lot.

Sights: A river that is rushing and sonorous and then gently flowing, an almost still muddy creek, shady tree alcoves, and miles of quiet treed canyon wall opposite a bright chirping desert canyon trail.

Number of other hikers: 5

Quote of the day:  Only words heard today: “Good morning”.

Dog’s perspective:  When the sun was overhead it was hot and I waited in the shade any time I could while staying a little ahead of my human.

Hike:  A long rolling hike.  The sign at the start of the trail was intimidating, but it was like any good ten mile hike.  The warnings were true though: take plenty of water and food, there is no cell phone service, canyons are hotter than the surrounding areas, the trail is rocky, follows narrow edges above the river and sometimes mixes with cow trails.  It was surprisingly hot and it was only February.



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