Tuesday morning we hiked to a natural sandstone bridge.  The bridge is cool, but the views along the Chuckwagon Trail are expansive, colorful and surprising.

Sights:  The contrast of ice next to cactus and pines growing in red dessert clay.  360 degree views of wide space rolling hills and big rock formations. A natural arch that you can walk across.

February hiking weather was perfect this day.

Directions: Take 89A to Dry Creek Road and then a rightto Devil’s Bridge trailhead.

Hike:  take the jeep trail until the right turn for Devil’s Bridge, follow to the top but on the return trip cross the 4-wheel trail to Chuckwagon trail for a lengthier but spectacular walk. As evidenced in the video.

People on the trail: 42 people, 39 of which were seen after 10:00 am.  Hit the trail early for easy parking, to avoid crowds and lines to cross the bridge. Alternatively, start late and meet some friendly people.

Quote of the day:  “I would hike by myself if I had a dog like THAT.”


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