Grief Hill, Camp Verde, Arizona


We took an evening hike just a few miles outside of Camp Verde, Arizona.  The hill is short but very steep so it is a workout with each step bringing more elevated views of the valley.

Sights: Due to the grade of the hill we took breaks on the way up and enjoyed seeing the red rocks of Sedona and the distant mountains of Flagstaff. On the return trip the trail faces the valley, so during the descent we watched the lights of Camp Verde twinkle in the distance.

Number of other hikers: 0

Quote of the day:  “Why don’t we get out for a hike after work more often?”

Dog’s perspective:  Life is wonderful off the leash. I didn’t think that was much of a hill, but my humans were really slow today.

Hike:  A short, steep trail up the side of the mountain that starts at the Grief Hill trail head. About 1 mile of uphill trail before meeting a fence line. After a day of work, two miles feels amazing and the scenary makes it worthwhile.






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